About us

Jose Luis Jubierre and Luz Zapater are the owners of Luz Joyas Jewelry located in Alcaniz (Teruel).

We have over 20 years experience in a constantly evolving sector and fruit of this concern arises Jubierre.com, an online store specializing in three very specific product segments: regional Jewelry, Solid Gold and the best brands of watches with affordable prices.

Besides the owners José Luis and Luz, behind www.jubierre.com there is a whole team dedicated to administrative tasks, marketing and information technology to support the store. This is a commitment Jubierre.com differentiation and offer a range of products that can only be found in our shop: about Aragonese regional slopes with its history and tradition, an Egyptian pendant and symbols that accompany it, one Bultaco clock (the historical old motorcycle brand), special items, jewelry worn by people with personality ...

We offer a personalized Coaching, You can contact us anytime during business hours. We also offer full guarantee because behind the web site there is a physical store where you can pick up the products or see them in-situ, if available in stock, and a staff that will advise you on all you need.

And if you can not visit our "physical" store, you can consult our online catalog. We take care of all your questions and inquiries and we will deliver the goods as quickly as possible.

Our company

Our web site is managed by Oro Andorra SC

Our phisical shop is Luz Joyas.

Both are located in Teruel (spain), into a specialized area of on-line shops.


Our web site team

Luz Zapater, owner, support (spanish)

José Luis Jubierre, administration, support (english)

David Pascual, marketing.




Oro Andorra SC

Avenida Aragón 11

44600 Alcañiz (Teruel) Spain

VAT: ES-J44246700

Phone: +34 610985201


Luz Joyas

Avenida Aragón 11

44600 Alcañiz (Teruel) Spain

VAT: ES-73153379Q

Phone: +34 978870786